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CarPlan SWA001 All Seasons Concentrated Screenwash 1L

CarPlan All Seasons Screenwash is a concentrated high power windscreen washer additive. It quickly removes dirt, grime & insect deposits from windscreens, leaving a bright streak-free finish. When used neat, All Seasons Screenwash also helps prevent the washer bottle contents from freezing down to -6°C.



  • Easy to use concentrated formula
  • Superior cleaning properties
  • Leaves a bright streak free finish
  • Does not contain salt or harsh detergents



In normal summer conditions, use 10% concentrated screenwash to water to make up to 10 litres of mixture. In winter, increase concentration to 50% (or more) screenwash to water. In severe winter conditions, use product neat. Store in an upright position and secure when transported. 


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