Power Tools

For those who wish to do their own light maintenance we offer a range of well-priced, reliable power tools this range is the all you need for the basic tools to have in your tool box. Electric drill, sanders, grinders, cordless drills.

Also we offer the top of the line Mirka DEROS 150mm sanders 2.5mm or 5mm Orbit for those who seek to achieve the best finish possible, light weight, brushless motors, low electricity consumption. Ideal in the wood working shops or in Panel Beaters and Spray Painters shops.

Try them with net abrasives and the Dust Extractor ( Vacuum Cleaner) to eliminate dust and the work needed to eliminate it from finished jobs. Variable Speed Polishers from Farecla makers of G3 to work more easily when you apply the polish to get that boat or car to shine brilliantly for longer.