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CarPlan SVC600 Stain Valet 600ml

CarPlan Stain Valet's advanced 'wet-foam' formulation has active detergents and cleaning agents that provide outstanding results. Stain Valet rapidly breaks through dirt, stains and contaminants like chocolate, marker pen, biro, oil, grime, beetroot, curry sauce, chewing gum or diesel stains without bleaching. Suitable for cleaning seats, carpets, roof linings and all other interior upholstery. For cleaning leather upholstery use CarPlan Leather Valet, which has a gentle formulation.



  • Advanced Wet Foam formula
  • Removes stains from car interiors 
  • Removes food, chocolate, pen marks, spillages etc...
  • Dries without staining



Vacuum fabric or carpet area first to remove loose dirt. Shake bottle well. Apply product generously over the area to be treated and whilst wet, work the product into the fabric with a sponge, cloth or brush, rinsing frequently in water. Apply multi-directional pressure over the entire area. After cleaning, wipe over the area with a clean, damp cloth to remove any excess product. Troublesome and dry stains may require a second application. To assist the drying process, allow good ventilation, particularly on the seats.

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