Stegoband Perforated Masking Tape 10/11 mm x 10 m


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This Stegoband is perforated every 4 cm so it is easy to tear off. It has a wide edge of 21 mm in total. It is also possible only to use the small edges of 10 or 11 mm. Stegoband can be removed easily leaving no residue. Per roll in a dispenser box. 10/11 mm x 10 m.

Designed specifically for masking jobs on hard to reach places, especially masking of corners will become much simpler. Stegoband Perforated is provided with a very fine perforation every 4 cm. Thanks to the perforation you can easily tear off the tape on the right length without any tooling’s. Also it is very easy to mask (sharp) edges. The plastic part of this product consists of two widths of 10 and 11 mm. Together they make a wide edge of totally 21 mm, but is also possible to use one of the other edges. It is extremely easy to tear only a very small piece of Stegoband.

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