Stegoband Classic Masking Tape 25 mm x 10 m


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Masking tape designed specifically for masking jobs in hard- to-reach places, ensuring you cover glued or rubber-mounted windscreens or gaps between car body parts. To make masking jobs easier, the adhesive is protected by a paper liner. Stegoband can be removed easily leaving no residue.

Designed specifically for masking jobs on hard to reach places. Push the reinforced side (PETP) under the rubber seal of the windshield. The adhesive side should be towards the area to be covered. After removal of the paper liner from the tape, apply the tape so that the rubber windshield seals are in an open position (or the body seem is shut off). Doing so a better result will be achieved during the paint process and it is time saving solution as disassembling is no longer needed.

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