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Petracryl aqua vernilac impregnation varnish - 2.5L


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Petracryl aqua vernilac impregnation varnish

Highly penetrating water impregnation varnish for stones and wooden decks.

It stands out for its high penetration and its excellent resistance to oils, fats and other contaminants.

It has excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions and solar radiation, does not peel or pick and remains transparent without yellowing.

It is applied to wooden floors, natural and artificial stones, stone slabs, marble, decorative bricks, fire bricks, sandstone, tiles and other ceramic materials, cement-type stones, fiber-reinforced cement, etc.

External and internal use.

Ready for use, Apply by brush, roller or spray two coats of PETRACRYL AQUA without thinning. Allow three hours between coatings. Do not apply when air and surface temperatures are below 15°C, above 40°C and/or humidity level is above 80%.

Drying - Recoating Touch dry in 10 minutes. Recoat after 3 hrs. Under cooler or humid conditions, allow longer times. Coverage Approximately, 6-10 m2 /L, on properly prepared surfaces.

Gloss level Available in matt.

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