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Heat Resistant Aluminium Paint 250ml

Car Plan

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CarPlan ALP250 Heat Resistant Aluminium Paint 250ml

CarPlan Bright Silver Aluminium Paint is a multi-purpose, heat resistant paint that does not usually require either a seperate primer or any further thinning. It can be used on car and motorcycle wheels, bumpers and accessories, household radiators, piping, fences, gates, ironwork, agricultural implements and boat fittings.



  • Multi purpose
  • Heat resistant paint
  • Suitable for a wide range of situations - Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Fences, etc.
  • Ease of application



Sand surface lightly to provide a good key for coating. Clean the area of any dust or grease. Under some circumstances this product can build up slight pressure, remove the lid carefully and stir the paint thoroughly before use. Apply a thin coat to the area with a clean soft brush.


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