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T CHARGE 12 EVO 6 / 12V


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Multifunction, battery charger and maintainer for 6/12V WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB batteries.
Choice of 3 charge voltages in Pulse Tronic: 6V, 12V/1A (motos), 12V/4A (autos).
Advanced specific functions for the charge and maintenance of batteries at low temperatures and of AGM batteries.
The activation of the RECOVERY function allows for the recovery of sulphated batteries.
- Automatic charge and maintenance in Pulse Tronic;
- 3 charge voltages;
- Led visualization of the charge level;
- AGM function for the charge and maintenance of AGM batteries;
- COLD function to charge and maintain batteries at low temperatures;
- RECOVERY function to recover sulphated batteries;
- Protections against overloads, shortcircuit and polarity reversal.
Equipped with cable with clamps and cable with eyelets.

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