Nilco Nilbac® Dry Touch Sanitiser Touch Control Antibacterial Aerosol Spray - 400ml


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Nilco Nilbac® Dry-Touch Sanitiser TOUCH CONTROL is a fast-acting antibacterial spray that effortlessly sanitises high contact electronical devices such as keyboards, tills, phones, card machines, tablets and any other devices that you may handle frequently.

The Nilco Nilbac® Dry-Touch Sanitiser TOUCH CONTROL fine mist gets to work straight away to remove viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and other harmful microorganisms that can damage health, leaving a clean, purified safe surface.

The just spray, no wipe formula.

Nilco Nilbac® Dry-touch Touch Control room sanitiser can be used as often as required and is touch dry in minutes, eliminating any cross-contamination via cloths.


1. Shake can well, always ensure the nozzle is pointing away from the body.

2. Hold can around 20-25cm from the area to be treated and spray until the surface is covered in a fine mist.

3. Allow to air dry. DO NOT WIPE.

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