Tetrosyl Limited is the largest manufacturer and supplier of car care products in Europe, extending its global reach to 76 countries.

Tetrosyl is the largest independent oil blender in the UK, leading the way in brand management with a fine blend of innovation, technology and design to bring the biggest retail brands in the industry to the car care, automotive and homecare markets. Product ranges include Valeting, Winter, Crash repair, Paint and ancillaries and a Home Improvement range under the brand Tetrion.

Tetrosyl was established in 1954 to serve the needs of bodyshops with the first ever mobile paint mixing scheme. T-Cut (abbreviation of Tetrosyl Cutting Oil) was launched in the 1960's and has become one of the most famous names in history. The CarPlan brand was created in 1961 as the umbrella brand for Tetrosyl's entrance into the retail car care market. Triplewax - a breakthrough in wax polish technology was launched in the 1970's. Carlube was launched in 1988 and many more brands followed up to present day.

The Tetrosyl Group Vision...The philosophy of Tetrosyl for over 50 years has been to achieve affordable consistent growth using our expertise in product innovation, extensive brand building, depth of product range, coupled with heavy commitment to above and below the line advertising activity.

The Brands...CarPlan is the umbrella brand within the Tetrosyl portfolio and the range encompasses all aspects of car care cleaning and maintenance. T-Cut has been used for cleaning and restoring the original colour back to cars since 1959! Triplewax is the number 1 selling car shampoo and polish with over 40 years heritage. Wonder Wheels is the consumers choice for wheel cleaning and enhancement and they ask for it by name. Bluecol is the original No1 Premium Anti-Freeze brand and has cared and protected engine cooling systems since 1937. Tetrosyl have been manufacturing household fillers for 40 years and the Tetrion brand is one of the best known in the trade. Carlube offer a comprehensive range of engine oils, transmission oils, brake fluids and additives designed to deliver performance, protection and reliability. aqua-t, a fully compliant advanced waterborne paint system comprising solids, metallics, pearlescents and xirallics.