Vernilac was established in 1960 and for more than 50 years has been dedicated to the production of high quality coatings and forged a reputation on a broad range of products, designed to meet the demanding standards of the industrial, architectural and building professionals.

Today VERNILAC S.A. is one of the largest producers of paints & varnishes in GREECE and its trademark is identified with high quality products.

A very modern and sophisticated production plant, superior facilities and extensive technical support are some parts of the enriched environment of VERNILAC. Today the company’s facilities are distributed in four geographical regions in Greece, covering total area of 104.000 square metres. Buildings, covering an area of 35.000 square metres, are used to accommodate production, research and development, technical services and support, as well as to warehouse raw materials and distribute finished products.

Over the past 50 years of its operation, the company has shown a rapid growth due to the technical and experienced personnel that work hard and intensively, in order to achieve customer satisfaction. The back-bone of the company - the Research and Development department, has access to the most advanced instrumentation to facilitate production, since the marriage of innovative technology with sound business practices has long proved a winning strategy for VERNILAC. Creative thinking, dedicated staff and sound resources are the strengths on which VERNILAC relies for future growth.

VERNILAC has developed a widespread sales network and a high qualified technical assistance personnel, operating worldwide. The continuous support of our technical advisors, provides immediate and guaranteed solution to customer needs. Now days, VERNILAC produces a vast range of products that provide solutions to every customer’s needs and requirements, with high-tech and quality products.